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We Invest in Groundbreaking Sales Automation AI

Sigma Software Labs is proud to announce our investment in AiSDR, a revolutionary startup specializing in AI-powered sales automation. This solution aims to empower sales and marketing teams, startups, and businesses looking to optimize their sales processes while reducing operational costs.

Leveraging our extensive expertise and global partnerships, we recognize the wide-ranging applicability of AiSDR solution across various industries, its enormous market prospects, and their potential significant impact on companies’ processes all over the globe. On top of that, the startup team is backed by 2nd time YC founders with significant track records, which helped them in just 3 weeks after the launch onboard 20+ companies as clients and get 300+ more on a wait-list.

What is AiSDR?

AiSDR is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that automates the functions of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). This tool excels at creating conversational email chains customized for individual prospects. By tailoring communication based on the prospect’s profile and prior interactions, AiSDR enhances top-funnel efficiency, resulting in cost savings for businesses.

Benefits for Diverse Industries

AiSDR is a versatile solution with far-reaching benefits for various needs:

  • Sales Teams: streamlining prospecting and lead qualification, allowing sales representatives to focus on high-quality leads and increasing conversion rates
  • Marketing Teams: enhancing lead nurturing by answering prospects’ questions and scheduling appointments, leading to more booked demos
  • Startups and Businesses: an effective solution for companies seeking rapid growth with a limited budget, without significant staff expansion
  • Mid-Market and Enterprise Companies: it helps reduce staffing costs without compromising productivity.

Unleashing AI in Sales: A Promising Future

AI holds great promise in the field of sales, offering personalized customer experiences, data-driven insights, and automation. Salesforce research indicates that AI adoption in sales is on the rise, with 20% of organizations planning to adopt it within the next two years. High-performing organizations are 1.9 times more likely to embrace AI.

According to McKinsey experts, while overall adoption of AI remains relatively low among businesses, standing at approximately 20%, senior executives recognize that AI is more than just a passing trend. Organizations across various sectors closely examine this technology’s potential to enhance their business operations. Deep learning is estimated to contribute between $3.5 trillion and $5.8 trillion in annual value, making it a substantial driver of future economic impact.

“The AI market for sales automation is up-and-coming, and we are happy to support such promising companies emerging in Ukraine. With this tool, sales teams now are able to be more productive and client-oriented than ever. Exciting for company’s future growth and its impact on businesses around the world.”

Daria Yaniieva, Investment Director at Sigma Software Labs

Experience Benefits Today

Whether you’re a startup looking to streamline operations or a large corporation aiming to enhance efficiency, AiSDR could become a perfect match to revolutionize your sales and marketing processes.