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Sigma Software Labs Gets the Awwwards Recognition as a Best Website

We are thrilled to share some exciting news. Sigma Software Labs site was acknowledged by awwwards, a world-known creative space that recognizes and promotes the talent and effort of the best developers, designers, and web agencies. Our stellar-inspired website that was released back in 2022, became a winner in the ‘Site of the Day’ category. For 24 hours on January 13, Sigma Software Labs’ website was exposed on the awards’ page as an example of best-in-class creative design work to inspire designers all over the world.

Awwwards is a competition with strict criteria for participants, with several evaluation stages, and a professional jury that selects projects based on four criteria: design, usability, creativity, and content. Initially, the users of the platform vote for cases, but the final decision is up to the jury.

The idea to create a new Sigma Software Labs’ site arose back in 2021. The team was striving for something special, so the final concept was formed near the end of the year. The whole team was so inspired by the so that the site was created very quickly – literally in a couple of months. The official release took place in November 2022, but updates still continue.

The new concept of design identity reflects the essence of the Labs’ mission: a launch vehicle that takes young companies to new orbits. The synergy of the power of the world-class IT brand Sigma Software, its Customers and Partners – is the driving force for overcoming the gravity on the way to startups success.

We were perfectly aware that the topic of space and aircrafts is used quite often, but the graphics in most cases are typical and look very similar. We wanted to create it differently. With the same attention to details that we pay to all Sigma Software Labs’ residents at every stage of working with them.

Artem Kostenko, Art Director at Sigma Software, reveals some details on how the website and graphics were created:

“Our team dived deep into creation of spaceship models, so that we often felt like we were developing a real aircraft. The big challenge was to combine many innovative features, but at the same time make the site fast-loading and smoothly working. We worked on it for a long time – came up with solutions for scrolling and animations so as to achieve the maximum optimization for loading speed.”

Artem adds: “Behind this one day of glory is several months of painstaking and hard work of many people – designers, developers, copywriters, and managers. I am very grateful to the entire team that was able to go through all the difficult moments of discussions and technical implementation and as a result came to an excellent solution. This is our first award of this level, but we have definitely deserved it!” 

Daria Yaniieva, Investment Director at Sigma Software Labs says:

“Sigma Software established Sigma Software Labs as the investment wing of its IT consultancy business. The idea behind the Labs was to stimulate the synergy of product and service businesses and create a business incubator to foster promising tech startups and help them become Unicorns using all the opportunities of the wide network of partners, VC funds and investors. It is obvious that at some point we felt the need to reflect permanent space-innovative changes, so that Ukrainian startups could feel that vibe at the very first sight. Inline with an updated vision and concept, we announced the success of our first portfolio company, Datrics, which attracted a strategic partner during the past challenging year. And even more promising updates are coming soon. The high professionalism and dedication of the Sigma Software design team allowed us to demonstrate and visualize the Universe-big opportunities for startups on our website. It’s a great creative work and scrupulous development of all the tiny details, and I’m happy to congratulate the team on this success.”

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