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Sigma Software Labs becomes an official AWS Activate Provider

In addition to multiple resources that we provide to portfolio companies, Sigma Software Labs has also become an official AWS Activate Provider — company, approved by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer AWS Activate benefits and resources to startups.

As an AWS Activate Provider we can offer our portfolio starships $25,000 in AWS Activate credits, which can be used to access a wide range of AWS services and resources. Moreover, our affiliated startups could get a full year of AWS business support (up to $5,000) to optimize their use of AWS services and address any issues they may encounter.

“As a venture vehicle of Sigma Software, we have a strong experience working with startups and a deep understanding of AWS services. We are thrilled to become an official AWS Activate Provider and offer our portfolio companies access to such valuable benefits as AWS credits and business support, so that our starships could reduce their costs, optimize their use of AWS services, and accelerate their growth on the AWS platform by using resources they need to succeed,”

said Daria Yaniieva, Investment Director at Sigma Software Labs.

What is AWS Activate

AWS Activate is a free program specifically designed for startups and early-stage entrepreneurs to scale their businesses on the AWS platform. By providing access to free credits, technical support, business resources, and networking opportunities, AWS Activate can help startups to accelerate their development.

AWS Activate Providers status could be associated with venture capital firms, angel investors, accelerators, incubators, and other startup-enabling organizations to help portfolio startups in accelerating their growth and success on the AWS platform. Some of the notable companies with this status include Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups, and more.

Now Sigma Software Labs is also on the list offering access to a range of AWS resources and benefits.

Key benefits of AWS Activate Provider status for startups 

Free credits: affiliated startups can access free credits for AWS services, which can help them reduce their costs and invest more resources into growing their business.

Technical support: access to technical support and training from AWS experts, which can help them optimize their use of AWS services and address any issues they may encounter.

Business resources: range of business resources, such as AWS Marketplace listings, marketing and PR support, which can help them increase their visibility and reach new customers.

Networking opportunities: connecting with other AWS Activate members and AWS experts through online forums and events, which can help them build valuable relationships and access new opportunities.

AWS eligibility requirements

To receive AWS Activate credits, startups need to meet certain eligibility criteria: must be Series A or earlier, established within the last 10 years, have an active AWS account and website, as well as Providers’ unique organization identifier (OrgID).

One more criteria is determined by the total amount of AWS credits, which should not exceed $100,000. Although startups can apply for portfolio activation multiple times, AWS credits do not accumulate and are replenished gradually. Therefore, they must apply for a larger amount of loans than they received before. If approved, the startup will receive the difference between the two loan offers.

Click the link to learn more about AWS Activate program and apply for AWS credits.