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Startup news and breakthroughs in defence tech: Monthly digest from Sigma Software Labs

Get ready to dive into the latest startup news and groundbreaking developments in defence tech with Sigma Software Labs’ monthly digest!

Today, we’re serving up the hottest startup news fresh from the oven. So dive right in, explore the latest trends, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you want to chat about anything you discover. 

Exploring AI: Highlights from ‘QUANTUM LEAP’

Startup pitch at QUANTUM LEAP: AI Reimagines Possibilities

Our team participated in the event “QUANTUM LEAP: AI Reimagines Possibilities” event, diving into the future of AI. According to forecasts, investments in technology will exceed $4.5 billion by 2024, and Ukrainian startups are already taking their share. 8 UA-backed teams competed on stage for $3000 prize demonstrating innovation in this fast-growing industry. Check out the event recap here: IT Meets Tech: Quantum Leap. AI Redefines the Possibilities

Netflix insights: big tech practices for startups 

Oleksandr Sabov, Senior UI Engineer at Netflix

As part of Sigma Software’s Tech Masterminds project, Oleksandr Sabov, Senior UI Engineer at Netflix, will talk about various Big Tech practices that can be applied in startups. The project gathers leading engineers from Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and others to talk about complex solutions and innovative developments. 

The event takes place on March 28th, register here.

€20 million in funding from the European Innovation Council

Seeds of Bravery project launches to propel the Ukrainian Deep Tech ecosystem with €12 million in non-refundable grants for integrating UA tech innovators in EU markets. Five programs are open that could lead up to €60,000 funding for each company. Discover more about the funding opportunities here: Seeds Of Bravery

Six Ukrainian startups backed by our ecosystem make it to Forbes Top 25 list

AiSDR, Datrics.AI, Awesomic,, NEWHOMESMATE, and Respeecher at Forbes

Together with SID Venture Partners, our ecosystem is backing 6 out of 25 startups predicted to reach a billion-dollar valuation by the end of the decade, according to Forbes Ukraine. The esteemed list includes AiSDR, Datrics.AI, Awesomic,, NEWHOMESMATE, and Respeecher. Explore the full roster of Ukrainian startup stars in the article.

Ivan Kaunov from Finmap unveils Buntar Aerospace: Drones from “Star Wars” for the Armed Forces and NATO

Ex-CEO of Labs’ portfolio company – Finmap, being now an Armed Forces officer, announces a brand new DefenseTech startup. “Buntar 1” inspired by the 2016 “Star Wars” spinoff aims to close the gap for reconnaissance 80 km away, with electronic surveillance and AI control.

Synergy of Ivan’s both startup and military experience is targeting to meet Ukraine’s needs and then expanding to NATO countries. Read more about this innovative venture here.

Turbulent times can always become the best ones to drive meaningful change, unlock new opportunities, and shape a better future for generations to come.

Stay tuned to our monthly digest for the latest insights and advancements in the startup world and defence technology. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation with Sigma Software Labs.